Playgroup (2-3)
Mon-Thur: 8:45-3:30
Fri: 8:45-11:45

Pre-School (3-4)
Mon-Thur: 8:45-3:30
Fri: 8:45-11:45

Meet Our Team

All our staff are trained in Early Years, hold a Paediatric First Aid certificate and have attended Safeguarding training. Continuous professional development is always ongoing and our staff attend all relevant early years courses such as speech and language training, Wellcomm etc.  As a team we seek out other training to enhance our early years knowledge such as Singapore Maths, Talk for Writing, Divergent Thinking, Play Well by Michael Rosen, Can I go and Play Now by Glen Bottrill.

As a long-established close-knit team, we know how to make an impact on a child’s early life and how to make learning fun. ‘It is the fun learning opportunities that we provide for the children in our care that makes working in early years so fulfilling.   The unplanned moments are also ones to treasure and the ones the that the children remember – sticking out our tongues to collect the falling snow, splashing through puddles in the park in the rain, lying on the sand at the beach to look at the patterns the clouds have made.  These are imprints we make on our children’s learning and if they can remember this as they move on through life, we have done a good job’.

Mrs Jenny Jackson, Pre School Manager

Jenny holds a BA(Hons) in Early Years Education and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the setting.

‘I started helping at Pre-School when my youngest child attended the setting in 2001. I joined the teaching team a couple of years later and became the Pre School Manager in 2008.  I have a BA (Hons) in Early Years and I am passionate about making learning fun.  Being able to teach a child something new and watching the 'twinkle' in their eyes when they understand and seeing how proud they look is heart warming. Each learning ‘wow’ moment makes me smile!’

‘In my spare time I love gardening and walking.’   

Mrs Kath Swainston, Pre School Deputy Manager

Kath holds an NNEB certificate and is our SENDCO.

Kath joined us in September 2007.  She worked in various childcare settings before this.

‘I love being part of such a fantastic team here at Our Lady of Pity Annexe Pre School.  Being the SENDCO lead can be challenging but I love working closely with a child’s family in as they make their journey through Pre School and into primary education’.

‘In my spare time, I like to spend time with my family and friends.  I also like to go hiking in the local countryside.’

Miss Elaine Hughes, Pre School Practitioner

Elaine holds an NVQ Level 3 in Early Years and joined Pre School in 2008.

‘It gives me such pleasure to see children play, socialise, have fun, learn and achieve. In my spare time, I love to spend it with my family and looking after my grandson’.

Mrs Jan Holland, Pre School Practitioner

Jan holds an NVQ Level 3 in Early Years and joined us in 2007

‘I joined Pre School after my youngest child started school.  I enjoy seeing the children in our care progress and that every day is different!’

'In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going out for walks and I am also part of a choir.’

Mrs Mati Matellini, Pre School Practitioner

Mati holds a Level 3 NVQ in Early Years and joined the Pre School team in 2009.

Mati was born in Peru and moved to this country when her children were little.  She brings a wealth of knowledge with her Peruvian culture.

‘I my spare time I like to follow my children and their sporting pursuits’.

"Our Lady of Pity Annexe is a fantastic pre school. The pre school providers are extremely dedicated and caring. They went above and beyond to help our little boy and spent so much of their time helping us as a family. We found them to be very personable, sending regular updates via email. Including daily activities, future plans and learning goals. We cannot thank the entire pre school team enough for the wonderful experience and warm welcome they have provided and look forward to our youngest joining them in September." 

- Brogan