Playgroup (2-3)
Mon-Thur: 8:45-3:30
Fri: 8:45-11:45

Pre-School (3-4)
Mon-Thur: 8:45-3:30
Fri: 8:45-11:45

Our Setting

Our experienced staff team strive striving to ensure that our Pre School is the best it can possibly be.  We are all highly knowledgeable in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and are keen to enrich your child’s development whilst having a fantastic time playing and learning.  Each day is filled with fun and laughter as children are given the opportunity to explore in a stimulating, fun and safe environment.

Our classroom

We have a stimulating and homely classroom environment with opportunities for structured and free-flow play. We engage the children in lots of early reading texts that ignite creativity, spark curiosity that will stimulate their imagination.  This in turn leads to role play which helps the children in our care to develop other skills such as empathy, problem solving and morality.  We also promote a firm foundation to maths teaching within our setting as we know that it is so important that our children begin to develop a sense of the underlying concepts and structure of maths.  As young children learn to count to 10, do they deeply understand what these numbers mean.   Within our setting we purposely set out to make this understanding fun and meaningful with rhymes and careful questioning to fire each child’s inquisitive mathematical thinking.

Our Church Hall

We are very lucky to have use of the main Church Hall for our snack and lunch time and larger class activities such as dance and PE. We engage in regular different PE activities to help support children’s gross motor skills. We encourage ‘A for Action, B for Balance and C for Co-ordination.’  We are well aware that these skills within a planned activity not only improves a child’s overall health and fitness but can also help to improve their mental health and cognitive development.   

Our playground area

In our large enclosed playground area, we have various static structures that engage our children’s learning – mud kitchen, wooden car and caravan, sand and water play, enclosed shelters and then have interchangeable resources that are swapped out daily. With an engaging outdoor environment, we provide opportunities for exploring larger equipment that supports a child to work cooperatively, negotiate and engage in conversations with their peers.    

Our allotment

In our lovely allotment we grow a mixture of summer and winter vegetables, herbs and flowers. The children really enjoy digging and planting and the allotment is a fantastic way to help the children develop a better understanding of how things grow, how seeds need to be cared for with watering and weeding and, of course, the best bit is when the children see the fruits of their labour and can actually eat the food they have helped to grow.

Foundations for future skills

As parents, you play a critical role in your child’s fine motor skill development from an early age. In our setting we will take the enhancement of your child’s fine motor dexterity by providing daily activities such as ‘Funky Fingers’. Developing fine motor skills in early childhood education helps build the foundation for important future skills like writing and self-care. 

More photos of our setting

Whilst we have tried our best to capture our lovely setting, nothing beats a visit in person.  Get in touch with us to arrange a tour either via email or phone, we would love to meet you.


"Before choosing to send our eldest child to pre school, I was advised there were 5 qualities to look out for in a pre school. These were, a solid reputation, a warm and comforting environment, passionate teachers, active learning and child friendly facilities.  With two daughters having completed Pre School at Our Lady of Pity Annexe, I feel well qualified to comment and can say without hesitation, that in every respect, the Annexe excels. The teachers display a genuine affection for the children in their charge and go the “extra mile” to ensure those first tentative steps in education are a positive experience for each child.  I cannot speak too highly of the Annexe pre school and would encourage parents to consider this preschool for their child."

- Nicky